La actriz y cantante Ariana Grande posó para las paginas de la revista Cosmopolitan de este mes. Ariana actualmente participa en la serie Sam & Cat.



Hace unas horas Ariana Grande aclaró algunas cosas en su cuenta de twitter:

it’s bizarre how we think we know each other based upon what we post online. I just read my tweets pretending I didn’t know me & got annoyed

we post & think it’s a good representation of who we are but there’s so much more to us. we think we know each other but we don’t it’s weird

lol it’s just weird to think. Alexa and I were talking about how people perceive us & how different actually we are & we perceive ourselves

for example some people think I’m like Cat & they’re shocked when they meet me & I’m actually not demented & my voice isn’t strange and high

or like some people think that I’m like a 12 year old girl but I’m actually just an 80 year old lady with the mouth of a sailor

I’m probably gonna wake up & be like wtf did I tweet last night ew. I read interviews from like Sept & I’m like ‘I said that? that’s not me’

long story short nobody knows anybody how their family & closest friends know them so don’t trip about what people think of u / say about u.

these tweets were lame but they seemed good in the moment love u goodnight #ByeFelicia





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